Trigger Point Injections: Treatment for Chronic Muscle Spasms

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Trigger Pain

What is a Trigger Point Injection?

A Trigger Point Injection (TPI) is an injection used to treat myofascial pain or trigger point. These are points that are hyperirritable, usually within a taut band of skeletal muscle or in the muscle facia.

What can you expect during your visit?

You will meet with your doctor in the exam room first and they will go over all the risks and benefits of this procedure. They will then ask you so sit facing the exam room bed, and will identify which muscles are causing the problem. At that point the skin is disinfected and a numbing agent and sometimes an anti-inflammatory medication are injected directly into the problem muscles. In some cases, Botox medication is used to paralyze the problem muscles.

What happens after the injection?

You will be asked not to drive for at least 24 hours after the procedure and you must have a driver drive you home from our office. You may experience pain some soreness in the injection site lasting a day or two.

How long will the pain relief last?

The duration of the pain relief will vary from patient to patient. It can last from only a few days to a matter of months. Repeated injections may be necessary to manage the pain.

Is there anything specific I need to tell my doctor prior to this procedure?

You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant, on blood thinners, are diabetic, or if you have any other concerns you would like to address beforehand.

The above information is for general education purposes only. Please ask your doctor specific questions during your visit.

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