Kyphoplasty Injections Can Bring Relief In Less Than One Hour

Kyphoplasty procedure at Oklahoma Pain Management

What is a Kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, in which our doctors inject your fractured vertebra with a special cement through a small hole in the skin.

After the procedure, you’ll feel:

  • Alleviated pain associated with the fracture
  • Restored lost vertebral body height from the compression fracture
  • Better posture due to better bone stability.

In most instances, we perform the procedure without a hospital stay; in many cases, we perform it in less than an hour.

Am I a good candidate for Kyphoplasty?

Good candidates for Kyphoplasty include:

  • Patients with recent compression fractures related to osteoporosis. The procedure should be completed within 8 weeks of the onset of symptoms for the best results.
  • Patients that have bones weakened by cancer.
  • Older patients, as the long-term effects of the cement are not yet known on younger patients.

What can you expect during your Kyphoplasty treatment?

Prior to your procedure

Prior to the procedure, you will meet with your doctor to go over all the risks and benefits of the Kyphoplasty. As it is a medical procedure, your doctor may order blood tests. The doctor may also order an MRI and x-rays to help the doctor determine the precise area of your vertebrae that needs attention. Once you fully understand the procedure, and we’ve explained all risks and ordered all tests, we will schedule your kyphoplasty.

Day of your procedure

  1. On the day of the procedure, we ask you to fast for 6 hours prior to your procedure time.
  2. You will be brought back and prepped by a nurse or medical assistant on staff; they will insert the IV for the sedation medications.
  3. You will meet with the anesthesiologist and your doctor prior to the procedure. Then, you’ll be taken to the procedure room and be placed in the prone (laying on your stomach) position.
  4. A fluoroscopy guidance machine will be brought into position.
    The machine passes an X-ray beam through the body and shows a continuous X-ray image on a monitor, akin to a movie. Then, an anesthesiologist will administer the sedation medication through your IV.
  5. Using the fluoroscopy guidance, your doctor will place a needle through your skin and back muscles, and into the compressed vertebrae.
  6. Once we place the needle correctly, your doctors will inflate a small balloon to make room for the special cement by elevating the fracture.
  7. We remove the balloon and inject the cement into the compressed vertebrae.
  8. Your doctor will then remove the needle.

The entire kyphoplasty procedure will take less than an hour in most cases.

After your procedure

After your procedure, we will take into a recovery room; we will remove your IV, and a nurse or medical assistant will closely monitor for about 30 minutes.

You will be asked not to drive for at least 24 hours after the procedure, and you must have a driver to drive you home from our office. You may feel some discomfort in the injection areas that could last a few days, but can resume normal activity almost immediately.

How long will the pain relief last after Kyphoplasty?

Pain relief for many may be immediate. However, for some, it may take days to feel the full effects of the procedure. Patients should follow up with their referring physician to discuss spine maintenance to avoid future fractures.

Is there anything specific I need to tell my doctor prior to this procedure?

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, on blood thinners, diabetic, or if you have any other concerns you would like to address beforehand.

The above information is for general education purposes only. Please ask your doctor specific questions during your visit.

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