Cervical Neck Pain

ThinkstockPhotos-86525020Although Chronic Neck Pain is not as common as low back pain, it still affects about a quarter of the American population. Your cervical spine, like your low back, is made up of vertebrae and discs. When we do everyday things, like sitting at a computer for too long, improperly, we are putting our discs in danger of injury. The soft, gel like pads, your discs, act as a shock absorber for all of these activities. Over time these discs can wear down or become injured. There are a variety of reasons why you may have chronic cervical spine pain, below is a list of a few that we commonly see at Oklahoma Pain Management. Every patient’s injury is unique so the reasons are not limited to the list below. With an evaluation from one of our doctors we can pinpoint your cause of pain and help your get back to a better quality of life.

1) Injury or Accident: The most common injury or accident that results in a cervical spine injury is a Motor Vehicle Accident. The abrupt and forceful motion that some experience in a car accident can cause damage to the discs and nerve of the cervical spine, resulting in chronic pain. We at Oklahoma Pain Management are well versed in Motor Vehicle Accident injuries and would like to be able to help relieve this pain. Please visit our Motor Vehicle Accident page for more information.

2) Degenerative Diseases, Stenosis, and Disc Herniation: With age and over use, the discs in your cervical spine may wear down or even rupture, causing chronic cervical pain. Please visit our Other Conditions page to read more about this.

Whether the pain is due to an accident, general wear and tear, or aging, we at Oklahoma Pain Management can help you manage your chronic cervical neck pain.

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