Age-Related Pain Infographic

February 20, 2017 9:00 am

man hand on the side of a couch

Aging is accompanied by a host of new aches and pains as the body’s musculoskeletal system experiences wear and tear over time. Sometimes it can feel like each day brings a new pain, stiffness, or ache. Although typically mild, if untreated, these discomforts can develop into severe, life-altering pain. As years or even decades pass, the increasing pain in your back, joints, and muscles can make even the simplest daily activities a challenge.

Knowing which kinds of pain develop at various stages of life and how to alleviate them can help you tackle age-related pain at the first sign or symptom. Therefore, in the infographic below, we’ve covered the five most common age-related pains, when they typically occur in adults, and how to treat your symptoms.

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