Handicap and Wheelchair-Accessible OKC Guide

December 19, 2016 8:00 am

Never Miss A Beat With Our Guide to Everything Wheelchair and Handicap-Accessible in Oklahoma City

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Chronic Pain Can Lead to Physical handicap

Chronic pain is often misunderstood because it is typically an invisible illness. Because of this, handicap accessibility may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about chronic pain. However, back pain is actually the leading cause of disability in the United States, and there are many conditions resulting in chronic pain that can lead to severe disability. In addition, individuals who have recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident may be temporarily disabled throughout their recovery process.

In Oklahoma, roughly 16.2 percent of the population reported a disability in 2014: nearly 4 percent higher than the national average. Therefore, as a community, it is important to recognize the accessibility needs of people who live with chronic pain as a result of a medical condition, motor vehicle accident, or other injury. Something as simple as a handicapped parking space or accessible outdoor path can make a big difference for an individual living with chronic pain.

That’s why we’ve created this interactive guide to handicap-accessible locations in OKC — to help individuals who are injured, disabled, or living with chronic pain have access to the best Oklahoma City has to offer without having to worry whether they will be able to enter the front door or use the restroom.

Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Oklahoma City Map

Accessible OKC Map Guide:

  • Orange: Handicap-Accessible Restaurants
  • Red: Handicap-Accessible Housing
  • Green: Handicap-Accessible Nature Paths and Outdoor Spaces
  • Purple: Handicap-Accessible Malls and Nature Areas
  • Yellow: Handicap-Accessible Exhibit Halls
  • Blue: Handicap-Accessible Public Transportation

Oklahoma’s Accessibility Laws Explained

  • According to the Office of Disability Concerns, all new construction of public buildings and renovations of existing commercial structures must be in compliance with the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • The ADA designates that public facilities must provide access to any area of a facility that contains a primary function, an open path of travel to the entrance, altered areas, and the restrooms, as well as telephones and drinking fountains.
  • The ADA ensures accessibility to disabled Oklahomans so they can live a life unrestricted by pain.

How to Apply for Handicap Parking in Oklahoma

If you are living with chronic pain as the result of an injury or condition that restricts your mobility, you may qualify for handicap parking. This allows you to park in handicap parking spaces, giving you a short, clear path to your designated location.

Here’s how to apply in 3 easy steps:

  1. Obtain medical certification from a licensed physician, osteopathic doctor, chiropractor, podiatrist, optometrist, physician’s assistant, or licensed nurse practitioner.
  2. Complete the Physical Disability Parking Placard Application.
  3. Mail your application to:Department of Public Safety
    Driver Compliance Division – Physical Disability
    P.O. Box 11415
    Oklahoma City, OK 73136(There is no fee for a disability placard, but they take about 20 business days to process. If you think that you may need a handicap placard, please ask our helpful staff for more information on obtaining an application from our office.)

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