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23 Rapid Fire Questions with Doctor Wright

PA-C Leigh Ann Martin with Oklahoma Pain Management talks about trigger points and trigger point injections.

Doctor Porter discusses Facet Joints

Introductory Videos

About Spinal Cord Stimulation
This animation shows where the neurostimulator is implanted and how electrical pulses are delivered to the spine. WATCH VIDEO

Introduction to Neurostimulation Therapy for Chronic Pain
This video provides an overview of spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain and includes the perspective of patients who receive this therapy. WATCH VIDEO

Understanding Neurostimulation Therapy
This video shows how neurostimulation therapy works and describes its potential benefits and risks. WATCH VIDEO

Next Steps when Considering Neurostimulation Therapy
This video describes next steps to take when considering neurostimulation therapy for the management of chronic pain and explains why patients should feel confident about a Medtronic neurostimulation system. WATCH VIDEO

Screening Test Videos

Preparing for Your Screening Test
This video describes the screening test for neurostimulation therapy. WATCH VIDEO

Evaluating Your Test Screening Results
This video describes what to expect during the screening test. WATCH VIDEO

Using Your Test Stimulation System
This video gives an overview of the test stimulation system and how to properly use it during the screening test. WATCH VIDEO

Using Your MyStim Programmer
This video explains how to use the MyStim® programmer used to communicate with the external neurostimulator. WATCH VIDEO

Selecting and Activating Your Group Settings
This video describes how to select and activate group settings. WATCH VIDEO

Warning/Information Screens and MyStim Programmer Care
This video describes the warning and information screens that the MyStim programmer may display during the screening test. It also explains how to replace batteries and care for the MyStim programmer. WATCH VIDEO

Next Steps
This video addresses concerns about going on to long-term neurostimulation therapy and explains how it can be helpful to talk with a volunteer ambassador about his or experience with long-term neurostimulation therapy. WATCH VIDEO

Receiving Neurostimulation Therapy
This video describes what to expect once a decision has been made to go on to long-term neurostimulation therapy. WATCH VIDEO