Ease Sciatica Nerve Pain

23117022_lDo you suffer from Sciatica Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain is one of the leading causes of low back and leg pain. It can range from mild, only flaring up when overly used, or severe, chronic, and debilitating. Some symptoms can include pain in buttocks or leg that is worsened by long periods of sitting or standing, and tingling or shooting pain down one or both legs. Sometimes the pain is on one side of the body more than the other and can even affect the feet or toes.

Sciatica nerve pain can be caused by, but is not limited to, a variety of chronic pain conditions, such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, or from being overweight, or herniated/injured discs.

How is sciatica nerve pain treated?

Every patient’s pain pattern is different so different therapies are used to treat your unique pain pattern. Some therapies we use are:

At Oklahoma Pain Management, our doctors can help diagnosis and treat your sciatica nerve pain.